180 representatives of 35 educational institutions and medical organizations of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Malaysia, India and Sri Lanka took part in the event. Half of the speakers and listeners were authors of long-term studies on public health problems, 20% of them were candidates and doctors of science. Vice-Rector for Research Work and Innovative Development of Kursk State Medical University of the Ministry of Health of Russia, Doctor of Medical Science, Professor V.A. Lipatov, heads of departments and professors of RUDN University and Saratov State Medical University, Chief Physician of the Regional Budgetary Healthcare Institution “Center for Public Health and Medical Prevention” of the Healthcare Committee of the Kursk Region L.F. Uvarova delivered welcoming words. The general topic of the reports of leading representatives of science and practice is the increased need for knowledge about the condition of public health, scientifically based approaches to disease prevention and state policy for the development of the healthcare system for specialists of all levels and profiles. Vice-Rector for Research Work and Innovative Development of KSMU V.A. Lipatov additionally noted the importance of mastering the skills of conducting research in medicine, ability to correctly interpret the data of official statistics and scientific works for students .

Thirty-two reports were presented in four sections. Among the most relevant topics are important trends in the epidemiology of socially significant diseases and the need for scientifically substantiated development of interdepartmental approaches to their prevention, routing and transportation of patients with the new coronavirus infection and lessons and consequences of the pandemic important for medical care organization, improving the training of medical personnel in residency through a comprehensive study of clinical and organizational issues together with the development of skills of productive interaction with patients, organizational and social aspects of healthcare informatization and the development of artificial intelligence in medicine.

The collection of scientific works based on the results of the conference was formed according to the total findings of double blind review of the received works. The publication includes 45 articles and abstracts and is sent to RSCI.

Following the conference, important steps were taken in the interuniversity cooperation development. In particular, Saratov State Medical University joined the Kursk research project to improve the prevention of socially conditioned diseases among young people in new conditions: among students of Kursk and Saratov regions, surveys and questionnaires will be conducted, the results of which will allow to take into account the regional specifics and social consequences of the pandemic in the prevention of drug addiction and sexually transmitted infections.