On November 30, the opening ceremony of the photo exhibition “Young Scientists – the Future of Russia” was held at the Research Center of Kursk State Medical University. The exhibition was organized within the framework of the federal project with the support of the administration of Kursk State Medical University, Youth Parliament under the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation and Youth Parliament under the Kursk Regional Duma.

The place for the exposition was not chosen by chance – at the research center where the advanced research institutes of the university are located: RI of experimental medicine, general pathology and physiology.

In his welcoming speech, the rector of KSMU, Doctor of Medical Sciences, professor Victor Anatolyevich Lazarenko noted that all conditions for scientific activity have been created at Kursk State Medical University. And as a result – more than 120 candidate’s and 50 doctoral theses were defended, 1,5 thousand inventions and 6 discoveries in the field of medicine were made.

The research conducted by young scientists of KSMU is quite significant and promising in the priority areas of science and applied medicine development.

The event gathered a large number of distinguished guests in the university, including: Konstantin Anatolyevich Komkov – Deputy Chairman of the Kursk Regional Duma; Vladimir Vladimirovich Grebenkin – First Deputy Minister for Internal Youth Policy; Valeria Valerievna Danilenko – Deputy Chairman of the Healthcare Committee of the Kursk Region, Alina Igorevna Shevyakina – Chairman of the Youth Parliament at the Kursk Regional Duma and others. In their welcoming remarks, they noted the leading role of Kursk Medical University not only in training of highly qualified specialists for practical healthcare, but also huge scientific potential of the university in both fundamental and applied fields of science.

The exhibition presents portraits of 20 talented young scientists from leading federal research centers of Russia, 5 of whom are employees of KSMU:

1. Alina Vladimirovna Shevchenko – Associate Professor of the Department of Microbiology, Virology, Immunology;

2. Vyacheslav Igorevich Ponkratov – Assistant of the Department of Internal Diseases No.1;

3. Dmitry Andreevich Severinov – Associate Professor of the Department of Pediatric Surgery and Pediatrics of ICE;

4. Ekaterina Sergeevna Mishina – Associate Professor of the Department of Histology, Embryology, Cytology;

5. Anton Olegovich Vorvul – Assistant of the Department of Pathophysiology.

At the end, a solemn cutting of the red ribbon took place, a fragment of which will be stored in the museum of KSMU.

Council of Young Scientists of KSMU