During the pandemic, when there is a restriction of access to health care facilities, the opportunity to acquire practical skills and abilities in simulated conditions becomes particularly important in the educational process.

During the year, foreign students of IMI mastered the educational program with the help of remote technologies, which led to restrictions on the development of practical skills.

The improvement of the epidemiological situation allowed the administration and the IMI to return to the traditional full-time training of foreign students.

Students of the 3rd-6th courses had the opportunity not only to master the competencies required by the Federal State Educational Standard in the framework of the disciplines in the training courses, but also to compensate for the development of practical skills in the sub-disciplines passed in the distance format. For this purpose, classes were organized in the amount of hours necessary for the development of competencies, on the basis of a multi-profile simulation and accreditation center. The development of practical skills takes place under the supervision of teachers using dummies and simulators (II-VI level of realism), which allows the students to master competencies in all clinical disciplines, and future graduates to prepare qualitatively for the upcoming State Final Certification.