On the 5th of October, the university hosted the opening of the exhibition “Bouquet to the Teacher” dedicated to Teacher’s Day. The event was opened by the performance of young participants of the Exemplary Dance Ensemble “Zest” of the Children’s School of Arts No. 1 named after G. V. Sviridov in Kursk (headed by I. V. Shatalov).

The exhibition presents more than 250 creative works by different authors. It united the creations of students and employees of KSMU, masters of fine and decorative arts of Kursk and the Kursk region (Cheremisinovsky, Sovetsky, Kastorensky, Kursk districts).

Here you can see works made in a variety of techniques: diamond mosaic; stained glass windows; paintings and photographs; embroidery of paintings with ribbons, threads and beads; crocheting; plastic work; kanzashi (works made of satin ribbons); glass painting; wood carving; wool felting; carving (soap carving); a textile doll with floral composition, made in 3-D pen art.

The exhibition opens with paintings by Associate Professor of the Department of Human Anatomy L. A. Mantulina. The exhibition also shows the works of assistant of the Department of Pharmacology M. S. Krivoshlykova; Deputy Dean of the Department of Clinical Psychology, Social Work, Economics and Management E. V. Konishcheva and Head of the Department of IFC O. O. Kovaleva; graduate student of the Department of Health Psychology and Neuropsychology E. S. Zakharova; specialist of the International Medical Institute M. V. Dugina; employee of the Center for Creative Development and Additional Education E. B. Sopina; employees of the University library: I. N. Khokhlova, T. V. Moskaleva, I. N. Natarova and O. V. Shilovskaya.

Students took an active part in the exhibition: Tatiana Bobrova, Valeria Bragina, Andrey Sergeev (crocheting); Ekaterina Mahorina (watercolor); Ekaterina Bogdanova (diamond mosaic), Darina Prigoda (origami).

The works of the masters of decorative and applied art of Kursk G. A. Chuichenko, L. M. Zaika, N. V. Kalitievskaya and L. S. Malyshkina captivate with their unique handwriting, texture, color and compositional solution. To the visitors of the exhibition, the craftswoman G. A. Chuichenko held a master class on creating paintings from ribbons, which aroused genuine interest from the rector, Professor V. A. Lazarenko.

The Soviet district was represented by the works of M. D. Padymova and T. E. Shchedrina. The Kastorensky district introduced the creative works performed by students of the Uspenskaya, Olymskaya, Kastorenskaya, Orekhovskaya secondary schools, the Kastorensky House of Children’s Creativity.

The largest number of works was presented by the Cheremisinovsky district. More than 30 children’s creations of students of the Stakhanovskaya, Mikhailovskaya, Rusanovskaya, Kraspopolyanskaya, Pokrovskaya, Cheremisinovskaya secondary schools, the social rehabilitation Center for minors and the House of Children’s Creativity decorated the exposition. The paintings of A. I. Tenenev, Honored Worker of Culture, director of the Isaevsky SDK of the Cheremisinovsky district are surprisingly gentle, his canvases seem to immerse the beholder in the flowery cycle.

The organizers are confident that the university exhibition space, which unites a multifaceted community of art lovers, will give a lot of unforgettable impressions to all visitors of the exhibition.

The exhibition will run until October 22.

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