The history of the “Nurse’s Day” holiday dates back to the beginning of the 19th century, on May 12, when the founder of the Sisters of Mercy service, Florence Nightingale, was born.
In 1883, Nightingale was awarded the Royal Red Cross, and in 1907 — the Order of Merit.
Her biography is unique, her story deserves respect. This woman sacrificed her personal happiness for the sake of her vocation.
Florence was born on , May 12, 1974 and this date was announced a holiday. Nurses from all over the world began to receive congratulations and awards for their professionalism. At the international level, Nurses’ Day in Russia has been celebrated only since 1993. The main events are held on May 12, and during the festive week – conferences, seminars and round tables are taken place . The main educational events are timed to this date.
In the modern world, nurses have to show heroism again. Due to the pandemic, their profession has become one of the most popular in the world. Despite the risk of contracting coronavirus, they come to work every day to fight for many lives.
On the Nurse’s Day, congratulations are heard all over the world, from TV screens and newspaper pages. But the warmest and most welcome sound from patients.
Here is wonderful words dedicated to nurses written
by the director of the Medical and Pharmaceutical College of the Kursk State Medical University, Irina Tolkacheva:
There are few poems about the nurse,
But I want to say so much about you:
Not every doctor is ready without a nurse
To treat and cure the patient
“Sister” is just a word for someone.
But we will answer: “Not for us.”
For us, you are an amazing something.
You are wisdom, the warmth of hot eyes.
Accept and relieve all the pain of the patient,
Do not regret a piece of your warmth.
A patient big heart is capable,
Who is given to warm others.
There are a lot of such hearts in hospitals,
They are ready to warm the whole world
Love, care, affectionate word,
The beautiful qualities that cannot be counted.
We are grateful to you for all your efforts,
Care, help, kindness
And as a sign of love and mutual recognition
We bow our head low.