Online concert “New Year Travelling”, organized by the Department of the Russian Language and Speech Culture and Department of Economics and Management, was held on December 28, 2020 within the scope of work of the International student union “Mosty Druzhby” (Bridges of Friendship), managed by Associate Professor of the Department of Economics and Management O.V. Vlasova and Head Teacher of the Department of the Russian Language and Speech Culture D.D. Dmitrieva.

On the threshold of New Year teachers and students of Kursk State Medical University went on an unforgettable virtual world tour together with Father Frost and the snow maiden Snegurochka (students of pediatrics faculty) in order to meet Malaysian, Indian, Chinese, Brazilian, Nigerian, Ukrainian and Russian traditions of New Year celebration. Students of the International Medical Institute, faculty of Economics and Management of KSMU, as well as Medical and Pharmaceutical College welcomed guests with the video greetings, expressing the atmosphere of far countries.

The participants of the concert recited poems about friendship, winter and New Year in Russian, Malaysian, Portuguese, English and etc. Students from Malaysia, India and Nigeria sang beautiful songs about love. Christmas dances were also presented to the audience. During the “long” flight between countries Father Frost and Snegurochka asked foreign students riddles and sang a popular Russian song about a New Year Tree together.

The highlight of the concert was a New Year rhyme – wishes to future doctors, written and performed by Arsen Margaryan, a 1st year student of the faculty of dentistry:

Мы с вами провожаем старый год.

Он заберёт с собой все страхи и тревоги,

Всю череду трагедий и невзгод,

Очистив наши дальние дороги.

Пускай мы все из разных континентов,

Мы вместе трудимся, бывает, не смыкая век,

Не ради почестей, трофеев, монументов,

Ради того, чтоб был здоровым каждый человек.

В новом году нас ждут победы и успехи,

Двери все откроются не ломом, а ключами,

Преодолеем все преграды и помехи,

И станем мы прекрасными врачами.

Ну а пока что мы грызём гранит науки,

Чтоб справиться с болезнями и болью.

Спасать людей, не опуская свои руки,

Лечить их не таблетками, а искренней любовью.


Department of the Russian Language and Speech Culture

Department of Economics and Management