There are several days left before New Year celebrations, but students of the International Medical Institute have already welcomed it, preparing an informative, entertaining, colorful, creative performance. At the beginning of the program director of the International Medical Institute associate professor M.T. Chahine, deputy director for educational activity of the International Medical Institute associate professor A.A. Kryukov and deputy head of the educational department L.A. Chernyakova congratulated students, their parents and teachers on the upcoming New Year and Christmas, having wished everyone health, success in their studies and  happiness.

The students told and showed how these wonderful holidays are celebrated in their countries, which traditions are passed down through generations, what they wear and eat  during these days, how they have fun. The audience saw a master class in making Chinese lanterns, played, guessing what was in the box with gifts. And, of course, the Russian song “V Lesu Rodilas Elochka (A Christmas Tree Was Born in the Forest)” sounded. The New Year tree has become the object of creativity: the day before the competition “The Best Decorator of the New Year Tree” was held. The winners were awarded diplomas. Vivid video greetings from Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Brazil, Botswana, Nigeria, the Maldives and other countries of the world were shown throughout the event.

Not only fun had students and teachers, but also interesting time in Zoom on the eve of the holidays. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!