6 OCTOBER 2019

Having come from all over the world and studying in Russia, students of the international faculty of Kursk state medical university try to maintain cultural values and spiritual traditions of their nations.

On October 5-6, 2019 students of the international faculty from India and Sri Lanka celebrated national religious holiday “Navaratri” in the hostels No. 4 and 6 of Kursk state medical university.

The deep symbolic meaning of the holiday “Navaratri” lies in the triumph of good over evil, that is why it gives people belief in the triumph of justice and possibility for implementation of all the best and the brightest undertakings.

That day the students gathered together for communal prayer, were eating fruits and sweets, traditional for this holiday, performing national dances and singing songs.

Holding national holidays in Kursk state medical university has become a good tradition, which unites students from different countries, being a place for the international dialogue.