On February 8, a round table “Science for the Region” was held in the reading room of Kursk Regional Scientific Library named after N.N. Aseev on Russian Science Day. The scientific event was organized by the Public Chamber of Kursk Region, Kursk State Medical University, Kursk Regional Scientific Library named after N.N. Aseev. Regional coordinator of the “New School” party project, Chairman of the Standing Committee on Education, Science, Family and Youth Policy of Kursk Regional Duma Roman Cheked took part in the round table and congratulated all the participants on their professional holiday.

The format of the round table was slightly unusual – the speakers were offered to present monographic editions made in 2020. Within the framework of the round table, the presentation of the monographic publication “The Biomedical Role of Magnesium: Known Facts and New Opportunities”, prepared by the writing team of KSMU, consisting of E.V. Budko, G.S. Mal, A.A. Khabarov and L.M. Yampolsky took place. Professor, Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences Anatoly Alekseevich Khabarov made a presentation report, which was received with great interest by the audience and caused an active discussion. The main place in the discussion was taken by the problem of the medical use of magnesium and its role in maintaining health of the population. Anatoly Alekseevich outlined his point of view on the role of magnesium in metabolic processes in the human body, in the formation and stabilization of the psycho-emotional state of a person, under the conditions of pandemic as well. The audience was greatly interested in the discussion of the regulatory functions of magnesium in work of the cardiovascular system. The main signs of magnesium deficiency in the body were discussed: the reasons of muscle weakness and muscle cramps. The speaker managed to attract the attention of a wide audience to the problems of using magnesium in modern medicine.