The Minister of Health of the Russian Federation Mikhail Murashko spoke at the All–Russian forum “The health of the nation is the basis of Russia’s prosperity”.
Mikhail Murashko noted the importance of the population’s commitment to a healthy lifestyle, since the new coronavirus infection has put a great strain on the body of everyone who has been ill, in particular, on the cardiovascular system. To prevent the risk of developing new diseases, it is necessary to refuse from bad habits, and thus contribute to the preservation of one’s own health.
– After covid infection, when everyone who was ill had a huge load on the cardiovascular system, the risk of new diseases increases. Alcohol is the trigger that can aggravate the course of the disease. And therefore, each of us, who is actively engaged in promoting a healthy lifestyle, should make his share and his contribution, – said the Head of the Ministry of Health of Russia.
Active prractice of a healthy lifestyle currently demonstrates a positive trend in reducing tobacco consumption in Russia, it is important that a reduced interest in smoking is also observed among young people.
– Smoking is a serious issue. We see that over the past year this dynamic has been stable. And here the awareness of the harm from tobacco is great. Practically the number of smokers in 2021 decreased by more than 6%. These are good results. This is a good trend, especially among young people,” Mikhail Murashko said.