Dear colleagues!

This is how I can address you now. I congratulate you on a significant event in your life! Today your dream has come true: you received one of the most important and noble professions on earth, whose mission is to preserve health and life of people.

People who have dedicated themselves to medicine are honored and respected in society. This is a great honor and a huge responsibility that requires dedication, physical and mental strength, deep knowledge and skills to preserve the health and life of your fellow citizens.

During the years of study, you have acquired the necessary knowledge about modern medicine, learned to make decisions on your own and are already ready to fulfill your professional duty. Today, in the days of fighting the common enemy – the new coronavirus infection – we need people like you as never before – young, energetic, full of healthy professional ambitions and a desire to contribute to our joint activity – the development of the Russian healthcare.

Medical science does not stand still: remember that only those who are open to everything new, ready to improve, deepen their knowledge and then apply them in practice may become successful in the profession. I am convinced that you will become a part of our glorious family of doctors who selflessly work for the benefit of people.

I would also like to express my deep gratitude to the academic teaching staff of universities and your teachers who have walked this path with you, taught you everything that they know and can do themselves.

Dear graduates of 2021! I wish you with all my heart to achieve great professional success, become excellent specialists and always love your work. Remember that a physician is not only a life path choice, it is a calling that you will follow throughout your life.

Good luck, colleagues!