On April 13, 2021 the Volleyball Games of Regional Division of the Russian Student Sports Union of the Kursk Region among men’s teams of universities in 2020-21 academic year finished. Picked teams of KSMU, KSU, SWSU, KSAAS participated in the contest. The competitions were round-robin. Our team won an unconditional victory, showing an organized and tenacious game in defense, power delivery and accurate attack. The men’s volleyball team of KSMU holds the title of the best team among the universities of the Kursk region.

The honor of the university was defended by:

Lyakhov Dmitry, Kovalev Ilya – residents of the Department of Surgical Diseases of ICE;

Leontiev Vladislav, Korostelev Dmitry, Tsepko Artur, Klimov Sergey, Seleznev Ivan – students of the medical faculty,

Daniil Krivosheytsev, Ilya Piskarev – students of the Dentistry Faculty;

Sathiyamurthi Kanithnar – the IMI student.

Congratulations to the men’s volleyball team of KSMU and their coach with a well-deserved First place and wish further victories and success!