On March 1, a working meeting of the rector of KSMU V.A. Lazarenko with the heads of the clinical departments of the university with the participation of the chief physician of the regional hospital Lutsenko Vladimir Dmitrievich.

“Training of a good doctor or other specialists in the medical industry is impossible without clinical bases of practical training. Modern medicine includes international standards and professional recommendations based on thousands of observations that have undergone a thorough and very strict statistical analysis. And, nevertheless, a thinking doctor carefully collects anamnesis at the patient bedside, and, thinking about the diagnosis and prescribing treatment, balances the probabilities, based on data obtained with the help of modern equipment, always taking into account international professional recommendations. In Russian traditions, the department on a clinical basis has always been the leader of the thread, and the head of the department was responsible for treatment and diagnostic work. Today, there are 11 departments on the basis of the Kursk Regional Clinical Hospital. We have been fruitfully cooperating with this clinical base for many years and we hope not only to continue, but also to open new perspectives and modes of interaction in the future – noted Viktor Anatolyevich, introducing the chief physician V.D. Lutsenko to the heads of clinical departments.

The participants of the meeting discussed the issues of updating and transforming interaction, outlined promising directions not only in educational, but also in practical aspects.