On the eve of the Medical Worker’s Day, on June 17, a solemn meeting was held at the assembly hall of the pharmaceutical building of KSMU in compliance with all safety standards in the context of the coronavirus spread.

Among the honored guests of the holiday were: Deputy Governor of the Kursk region Andrey Viktorovich Belostotsky; Federal Inspector for the Kursk Region of the Office of the Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Central Federal District Sergei Afanasyevich Podchilimov; Chairman of the Kursk Regional Duma Nikolai Zherebilov; Head of the City Victor Nikolaevich Karamyshev; Metropolitan of Kursk and Rylsk Vladyka German; Chairman of the Kursk Regional Court of the Kursk Region Oleg Viktorovich Kravchenko; Chief Physician of the Kursk Regional Children’s Hospital, Deputy of the Kursk Regional Duma, Chairman of the Standing Committee on Social Policy, Healthcare and Culture Igor Vasilyevich Zorya; Deputy of the Kursk Regional Duma, Chairman of the Standing Committee on Education, Science, Family and Youth Policy Roman Stanislavovich Cheked; Deputy of the Kursk Regional Duma, Deputy Chairman of the Standing Committee on Social Policy, Healthcare and Culture Nikolai Ignatievich Panibratov, Chairman of the Healthcare Committee of the Kursk Region Elena Aleksandrovna Palferova, Deputy Chairman of the Kursk Regional Organization of the Trade Union of Healthcare Workers of the Kursk Region Svetlana Vladimirovna Okhotnikova, as well as heads of regional budgetary healthcare institutions, medical and preventive treatment institution, clinical bases of KSMU, the academic teaching staff of the university.

The rector of the university, Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation, Professor, Deputy of the Kursk Regional Duma of the 6th convocation, Honorary Citizen of Kursk Viktor Anatolyevich Lazarenko addressed with congratulations to colleagues, words of gratitude for their contribution to the training of medical personnel, provision of medical care to the population.

– Today KSMU closely cooperates with 46 universities in Russia and the world. Work with various scientific organizations is established: from Moscow and St. Petersburg to Sverdlovsk, Novosibirsk and Irkutsk.

-KSMU is regularly included in the ratings of the best universities in the country. And on the eve of the holiday, KSMU received another prestigious international recognition – the university was accredited by the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) in 5 areas: General Medicine, Pharmacy, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Surgery and Therapy.

-This means that our education meets the world standards. We are recognized leaders in the field of medical education in Russia.

-The pandemic has shown how important the medical industry and its highly qualified workforce are. The university is proud not only of its graduates who successfully work in different parts of the country and the world, but also of its students. Thus, more than 300 students and residents of the university were among the first to enter the “red zone” to fight coronavirus infection. The volunteer teams of KSMU, including 1.5 thousand young people, 30 specialized directions, have become real saviors for people, removing a significant load from regional medical institutions. More than 11 thousand patients received medicines thanks to car volunteers, more than 314 thousand calls were received by the volunteers at call centers of medical organizations. Denis Logunov, a graduate of the Kursk Medical University, is one of the developers of the first COVID-19 infection vaccine in the world.

Deputy Governor Andrey Viktorovich Belostotsky congratulated the healthcare workers on the holiday:

– We are planning to establish a full-fledged university clinic at KSMU in the near future. Today this is our main task. I would like to wish the university many years of life, thank all the teaching staff who are currently working not only to combat coronavirus, but also take part in various activities to implement “Healthcare” national project. In turn, we promise comprehensive support. Thanks to your friendly strong team!

Traditionally, in honor of the professional holiday, state and regional awards were presented to the scientific and pedagogical staff of KSMU, memorable signs of KSMU “For the Selfless Fight Against the Pandemic”.

After the official part of the meeting, those present were congratulated by the Soviet and Russian pop singer, poet, composer, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Vyacheslav Efimovich Malezhik.