The folk holiday turned out to be bright and memorable, although not crowded, since the quarantine restrictions have not yet been finally canceled. “Hello, Maslenitsa, give us some butter!”, “Eat a pancake so that spring comes”, “We meet Maslenitsa, let tables be full of food everywhere!” – the skomorokhs called the guests. In the courtyard of KSMU, generous tables were laid with pancakes, sour cream and other delicacies.

Concert performances of the creative groups “Yablonki”, “Sedmitsy”, “Harmonies”, the theater studio of the MFC KSMU “Asklepion”, the vocalists of the pop-jazz vocal studio Drive created a festive mood.

Foreign students got acquainted with Russian traditions. Students from Sri Lanka enjoyed pancakes with pleasure, played traditional “rucheyok” (thread-needle), danced to cheerful Russian ditties, measured their strength in tug-of-war.

The holiday turned out to be bright and memorable. It was prepared by students and employees of the Center for Creative Development, the Department of Health Psychology and Neuropsychology, the Department of Physical Education, the MFC KSMU, Student Council, and student trade union committee. The video filming and vivid photos to remember this bright holiday were organized by the students of MedTV Center for Information Policy.