On the basis of the laboratory of experimental surgery and oncology of the Research Institute of Experimental Medicine of Kursk State Medical University, on April 30, 2021, an open round table was held with the participation of the Acting Vice-Rector for Research Work and Innovative Development V.A. Lipatov, head of the Department of Biological and Chemical Technology L.P. Lazurina, senior researcher of the RI EM, Yu.V. Furman and other university staff on the topic: “Lyophilization as a Method of Surgical Implant Microproduction in the Industry and Science”.

A master class was held on the concepts and possibilities of using equipment for lyophilization in the medical industry, which was presented by an invited guest: Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, laboratory equipment developer Andrey Viktorovich Krupin (St. Petersburg).

The participants of the meeting discussed issues, goals, directions and prospects for scientific research using the lyophilization technique.

The participants came to the conclusion that this technology has prospects for the development, its potential will allow to independently produce new experimental samples of hemostatic materials, wound coverings, plastic nonwoven cloths for the reconstruction of organs and tissues on the basis of the Research Institute of EM and expand interdepartmental interaction. It was also decided to hold a scientific conference dedicated to biotechnological aspects in the development and production of medical devices.


M.D.Z. Naimzada

Junior Researcher of Laboratory of Experimental Surgery and Oncology of RI EM