Dear students!

Each of us today observes the epidemiological situation in the country and the region. We see increasing numbers of statistics on morbidity and mortality every day. There are few families left who have not been affected by the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

Infectious diseases hospitals are overcrowded, medical staff work to their limit.

I have been working at the department for patients with the new coronavirus infection COVID-19 for a year already, and every day I see the confirmation of the fact that human life and health is a very fragile matter that requires the right attitude.

Everything that is said in the news reports is not somewhere far away, it is near. Each of us runs the risk of getting sick or becoming a source of infection for our loved ones.

Our main task is not to be frivolous in this situation. Do not neglect the basic rules of hygiene, respiratory protection. If possible, resort to local self-isolation at times when you would like to go to a shopping center or get together in a large company.

And, perhaps, the most important thing! The formation of herd immunity due to vaccination and timely revaccination allows avoiding further unfavorable development of the epidemiological situation.

Nowadays, this is the most reliable way to improve the situation in which we all find ourselves.

On the territory of Kursk State Medical University, the vaccination station continues to work as usual.

Take care of your health, be responsible!


Student Council Chairman,

student of the pediatric faculty I.V. Frishko