On April 12 the whole world celebrates Cosmonautics Day – a memorable date dedicated to the first flight of a human into space. This day festive events and various events were held throughout the country.

Kursk State Medical University took part in the flash mob “I am Gagarin!” The flash mob was conducted by the Channel One in honor of the first flight of a human into space. More than 100 participants gathered in the courtyard of the university, where the figured forming of the word “Poekhali!” (“Let’s go!”) took place. Teachers, students, including students of the International Medical Institute, together sang a song dedicated to Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin “Znaete, kakim on parnem byl (Do you know what kind of guy he was)”.

Anyone can see the video about the event in the groups of the library on the social networks “VKontakte” and “Facebook”.

Photo album “VKontakte” / “Facebook“.