On February 6, 2022, the Regional health-improving ski cross of trade unions of the Kursk region was held at Solyanka Park. About 200 people competed for awards in 10 age categories.

Kursk State Medical University was represented by the following students: Polina Bukanova (2 year, 5gr.), Prudnikov Yaroslav (1 year8 gr.), Petrenko Daniel (3 year3gr.), Shulekina Karina (3 year5gr.)

In a bitter struggle, Bukanova Polina took fourth place, losing at the finish line.

Employees of our university took part in the cross-country skiing as well: Kharchenko Anastasia Viktorovna – teacher of the Department of Pathological Anatomy and Voronina Vinera Takiyanovna – head teacher of the Department of Physical Education.

In the team standings, the combined team of Kursk State Medical University took the 3rd place.

Congratulations to all participants on the ski holiday!!!