For the first time in more than two years of coronavirus restrictions, the XXI Interregional universal wholesale and retail “Kursk Korenskaya Fair-2022” was held on a full scale.
And Kursk State Medical University, according to an already established and long-standing tradition, participated in it. Headed by the rector, Professor V.A. Lazarenko, a team of employees and students presented an exposition about the work of our university in the following areas: education, science, international activities and employment.
Our students met the guests at the very entrance to the main exhibition pavilion, where all higher and secondary specialized educational institutions of the Kursk region deployed their expositions. They were students of the International Medical Institute. Girls from India, Thailand, Zimbabwe applied mehendi to everyone’s hands, that is, patterns using henna, as well as braided African pigtails for women.
As for the exhibition exposition of KSMU, in addition to information stands telling about scientific, educational, international activities, as well as work with applicants and assistance in the employment of graduates, samples of developments were presented by the Laboratory of Morphology and Cellular Technologies of the Research Institute of Experimental Medicine of KSMU. As Ekaterina Mishina explained, these are various hemostatic and wound healing agents, as well as other novelties. Of particular interest was the two-layer sponge, which, on the one hand, prevents the development of adhesive disease, and on the other acts as a hemostatic substance.
The exhibition exposition of KSMU was visited by the Governor of the Kursk region R.V. Starovoit, officials, guests. R.V. Starovoit noted the role of the university in promoting practical medicine, the work of the Research Institute of KSMU, focused on the dynamic development of the university.
The head of the region was equally impressed by the robots-simulators — the so-called medical simulators, on which not only future, but also established specialist doctors work out their skills at the Federal Accreditation Center of KSMU, both from the Kursk region and from other regions of Russia. As the head of the accreditation Center Irina Dolgina emphasized, due to the restrictions on the place, it was not possible to fully imagine what perfect simulators the center has. It was only possible to bring a teenage robot and a newborn baby who needs care. At the first stage, future doctors can “work out” the withdrawal from any conditions, including clinical death. On the second simulator presented at the exhibition, which, by the way, has managed to become a favorite of the public — visitors of the pavilion, future pediatricians are practicing their skills.
The KSMU exposition was very popular.