On May 19, 2022 in Bukhara (Uzbekistan) The III International Scientific and Practical Conference “Topical issues of pharmacology: from drug development to their rational use” was held at the Bukhara State Medical Institute in online and offline format. Scientists from various countries (Russia, India, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, etc.) introduced the conference participants to new aspects of clinical and experimental pharmacology, pharmacotherapy. Kursk pharmacologists took an active part in this conference on the day of the pharmaceutical worker of Russia and at the eve of the 25th anniversary of the clinical pharmacology service in Russia.
From Kursk State Medical University, a welcoming speech was presented by the Vice-rector for Medical Activities and Continuing Education, Director of the Institute of Continuing Education N.S. Meshcherina. The plenary session was attended by: Head of the Department of Pharmacology Mal G.S., Head of the Department of Clinical Pharmacology Povetkin S.V., Professor of the Department of Pharmacology Artyushkova E.B., Professor of the Department of Internal Medicine INO Pribylova N.N., who made oral presentations on topical issues of pharmacology, clinical pharmacology and pharmacotherapy taking into account modern positions. The breakout session, moderated by Professor Mal G.S., was attended by associate professors of the Department of Pharmacology Kvachakhia L.L., Lazareva I.A., Tatarenkova I.A., Udalova S.N., Boldina N.V., senior lecturer of the Department of Pharmacology Tsepelev V.Yu., Assistant of the Department of Pharmacology Krivoshlykova M.S., assistant of the Department of Traumatology and Orthopedics Rajkumar D.S.
Scientists and guests from different countries discussed modern aspects of the clinical use of medicines, the principles of rational treatment of acute and chronic diseases based on evidence-based medicine in modern conditions. A constructive dialogue with colleagues took place, which enabled to outline new steps in scientific cooperation.
It is hoped that the concepts developed and adopted at the conference will optimize and give a new impetus to determining the modern strategy and tactics of pharmacotherapy of the most important nosological forms.

G.S. Mal, Head of the Department of Pharmacology, Professor.