On April 16, 2021 the International Online Conference of Scientific Researchers and Teachers “Tashkent – 2021” was held in Tashkent (Uzbekistan).

Scientists from Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and etc. took part in the event. The conference was held in 16 sections. Head of the Department of Pharmacology of KSMU Professor G.S. Mal presented a report at the section “Topical Issues of Pharmacology”.

The purpose of the conference is the consolidation of the community of Russian and foreign specialists for the exchange of professional information in order to improve the quality of educational and research segments. The materials on the aspects of the treatment of comorbid patients in conditions of COVID-19 infection were updated.

The conference program was quite extensive, including the following issues: development and application of innovative medical technologies, problems and prospects of laboratory and instrumental diagnostics, evidence-based pharmacotherapy of somatic diseases and etc. The international conference united both clinicians and researchers for interdisciplinary exchange. A creative atmosphere prevailed on the discussion platforms, which allowed scientists from different countries to discuss the most important aspects of modern diagnostic and therapeutic processes, exchange views and outline ways for further scientific interaction.

Head of the Department of Pharmacology G.S. Mal