On October 07, 2020 webinar- remote roundtable discussion, organized by the department of public health and healthcare organization with the infectious diseases course of the Medical faculty, was conducted at Pridnestrovsky State University named for T.G. Shevchenko (Tiraspol). The event coincided with the 90th anniversary of Pridnestrovsky University. The main topic was called “Coronavirus Infection COVID-19, Current Issues”. Kursk state medical university was represented by the head of the department of pharmacology, professor G.S. Mal, who presented the report “Peculiarities of Medicinal Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases Under the Conditions of Coronavirus Infection” in the framework of the international cooperation between KSMU and PSU. The main aim of the webinar was consolidation of the community of Russian and Transnistrian specialists for the professional information exchange in order to improve the quality of healthcare delivery and decrease of morbidity, mortality under the conditions of COVID-19 infection. The materials on the current epidemical situation in the world and the treatment peculiarities of comorbide patients under the conditions of COVID-19 infection were brought up to date. The webinar program included the following issues: pandemic influence over  health condition of population, the experience of coronavirus infection control, strategy for outpatient and in-patient treatment and etc. The roundtable discussion united specialists for interdisciplinary communication, allowed to discuss the most important aspects of modern diagnostic and treatment processes, to exchange opinions and direct the ways for further scientific interaction.

Head of Pharmacology Department, professor G.S. Mal