In June 2022, Moscow hosted annual All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference “Cardiology on the March of 2022”, within the framework of which the 62nd annual session of the National Medical Research Center of Cardiology named after Academician E.I. Chazov was held. This annual forum is one of the most important yearly events in life of Russian cardiology, since it considers and discusses the main achievements of world and domestic cardiology over the past year, and National Cardiology Center, as the leading Russian organization for cardiology, announces the results of its scientific research over the preceding year. Traditionally, leading world experts in the field of cardiology, as well as leading cardiologists of our country come to the forum, present reports and give lectures. This year, despite the current political situation, well-known cardiology professors from Italy, the United States and Japan spoke at the forum.

It is pleasant to note that professors of our university were invited by the organizers of the forum not only as listeners, but also as speakers. Our university presented the results of joint clinical and experimental work performed at the Department of Internal Diseases N2 by Professor V.P. Mikhin, Head of the Department, and at the Research Institute of Experimental Medicine by Doctor of Biological Sciences E.B. Artyushkova. “Possibilities of Pharmacological Correction of Vascular Endothelial Dysfunction in Experiment and in Clinical Practice” The introduction of the results of the work into practical healthcare will increase the effectiveness of prevention of the development of fatal cardiovascular complications with a high vascular risk, especially in patients who have undergone covid infection and suffer from post-covid syndrome.

The photo shows Professor V.P.Mikhin reporting the results of the research at the scientific symposium of the conference.