April, 5, 2022 at  XII all-Russian Conference with international participation of ” Medical education week” T.V. Semenova, the Deputy Minister of Healthcsare of the RF and P.V. Glibochko, prodessor, academician of the RAS, rector of  I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University presented diploma and memorial sign to V.A. Lazarenko, professor, rector of Kursk State Medical University for victory of our university team in the annual premium  in the sphere of medical education “Healthcare and Medical Sciences”  for preparation of educational materials which considered to be a significant contribution to the development of the medical treatment.

This consent is held by the Coordinating Council in the sphere of education ” Healthcare and Medical Sciences” and devoted to recieving public recognition of specialists involved in realization of educational programms of high education in the sphere of medical education “Healthcare and Medical Sciences” , stimulation to professional development of professorial and teaching staff, performing the preporation of the specialists, spreading of high quality standards of medical and pharmaceutical education  at the territory of the RF.