Dear colleagues!

The Organizing Committee pays its respects to you and invites to participate in the XXIV International Congress “Health and Education in the XXI century”, the main trend of which will be the discussion of “Modern trends and prospects for medical and technological development and socio-psychological determinants in Russia and the world”. The event will be held under the “MAN-HEALTH-CONSCIOUSNESS” slogan!

The Congress will be held on December 15-17, 2022 at the Vega Izmailovo Hotel & Convention Center, Moscow.

The organizers of the event are:

  • Publishing houses OOO “Technomed Holdings”,
  • Kursk State Medical University,
  • Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University,
  • Community of young doctors and healthcare organizers.

The congress is widely known as a scientific and organizational event, the purpose of which is training within the framework of the implementation of the model for developing the basic principles of continuing medical education, the exchange of information and the coordination of scientific research in the field of medicine, biology, modern pedagogy, sociology, psychology, economics, philosophy, history, etc.

The Congress aims to provide a high quality platform for information exchange, research integration. More than 10 interesting events are planned for the congress, as well as parallel discussions and training programs. You will meet with the most famous scientists.

Various scientific, creative and cultural events are planned within the framework of the Congress, including a scientific conference, olympiads, “Mr. and Miss Medline International 2022 “Junior” competition for schoolchildren.

The program of the Congress provides for various nominations:

  • Best among the best (Winner of the Olympiad) 2 nominations in total: among students and schoolchildren
  • Winners of Mister and Miss Medline International 2022.
  • Winners of “Mr. and Miss” Medline International “Junior” 2022
  • The best author of our three HAC publications for 2021-2022 period (3 nominations)
  • Honorary awards for a special contribution to the development of science and education (10 nominations)
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  • Register for the contest “Mr. and Miss” Medline International 2022″
  • Junior & Senior
  • The working languages ​​of the congress are Russian and English. There are no age restrictions.

Detailed information is available on the congress website >>>