KSMU has become the platform where the participants of the strategic session on the development of project Stragedy of the educational development in the Kursk region until 2030 continue to work for two days.
For two days, the profile teams worked on 9 projects that will form the basis of the new strategy: “Methodological support for each teacher”, “Effective teams”, “Organization of the activities of educational organizations of the Kursk region in the mode of “Full–time School”, “Subject vertical”, “I am a Kuryanin”, “New digital opportunities of Kursk school”, “Infrastructure standard of Kursk school”, “Health saving in Kursk school” and “Professional trajectory”.
Representatives of the education sector and authorities, the interested public, and experts in the field take part in the development of projects. The session was attended by the Rector of KSMU, Professor Viktor Lazarenko.
Natalia Zubareva, Senior Adviser of the Governor, noted that one of the tasks of the Kursk Region’s education system is to become recognizable outside the region of culture, medicine, construction, sports and digital development of the region.
Today, the preliminary results of the work of the profile teams were presented to the governor.
— Everyone admitts that changes in education became imminent, and need to be initiated. At the preparatory stage, it is important to discuss all the main points in order to come to a common denominator, — said the head of the region Roman Starovoit.
According to the Governor, the main priorities of the strategy were: improving the quality of the education, character education, developing the abilities and talents of students, forming an ecosystem of human resources and digital transformation of the society.