In order to form patriotic attitude in young people, provide spiritual unity of people, social and cultural adaptation of international students and their integration into the Russian society domestic and international students visited the Northern Side of the Kursk Bulge on October 03-04, 2020.

“Excursion to the Northern Side was impressive. The excursion lasted only two hours but our small group managed to visit the places where fierce battle took place, to see monuments to the unbelievable act of people’s bravery and to learn more about the country.

Experienced guides managed to tell accurately about those terrible war events. The international students who also took part in the excursion visited the war monuments and battle fields with interest and owe.

I thank the university and the city administration for giving us such opportunity”.

Monastyreva Darya, student of the 5th year of study of the General Medicine faculty

“I have been living in Russia for 5 years and I’ve heard a lot the Second World War. However I couldn’t even imagine the scale of the war actions. It was very interesting to visit the place of the biggest tank battle in history. My friends and I like travelling and discovering new beautiful places in Russia.”

Syahmi Mirza Bin Mohd Yusoff, student of the 5th year of International Medical Institute