Do you know how the signs may affect academic performance, how you can determine the speed of sound with the help of dog hair and define the character in the eyes of a person?

Students found answers to these and many other questions at the X Anniversary Universitywide Anti-science Conference, which took place on April 1 at our university.

The educational event was organized by the staff of the Department of Health Psychology and Neuropsychology.

Vice-rector for Scientific Work and Innovative Development, Doctor of Medicine, Professor V.A. Lipatov and Vice-rector for Educational Work, Social Development and Public Relations, Acting Head of the Department of Health Psychology and Neuropsychology, Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Associate Professor A.A. Kuznetsova addressed the conference participants with a welcoming speech.

Traditionally, the conference was opened by the Associate Report of the Assistant of the Department of Health Psychology and Neuropsychology Khakhutadze N.M.K. “PARADOXES OF MODERN HUMAN SCIENCES”.

The conference was attended by students of KSMU and NRU BelSU.

Interesting modern non-scientific topics and problems were discussed, but the results of a real study were presented in accordance with all the laws of science.

“Some studies after correction may be considered at scientific conferences,” Chairman of the Student Scientific Society of KSMU Ilya Shlyaptsev said.

Thus, according to the results of the audience vote, the best reports were:

1st degree diploma Nikishina Irina Vladimirovna, Ivanyutina Elena Olegovna, Lapina Anastasia Andreevna INFLUENCE OF SUPERSTITIONS ON EXAMINATION RESULTS (Faculty of clinical psychology, 1 year, 1 group, Kursk, KSMU).

2nd degree diploma Ekaterina Sergeevna Egolayeva, Yulia Vladimirovna Levak HUSBAND AND WIFE LIVE THE SAME LIFE” OR OPPOSITES ATTRACT: WHO IS RIGHT? (Faculty of Psychology Belgorod, NRU BelSU).

3rd degree diploma Podvigina Anastasia Pavlovna, Rezyapova Alina Alievna, Shchetinina Yanina Sergeevna. STARS ARE TO BLAME OR ANOTHER REASON WHY YOU HAVE SUCH A CHARACTER (Faculty of Clinical Psychology, 5th year, 1 group, Kursk, KSMU).

Participants shared their emotions and experience of participating in previous conferences, noted that the topics were very relevant and unusual, but were more delighted with the opportunity to test their own hypotheses in the format of a real study.