Registration for participation in the School of Volunteerism “Upward Movement” is opened until the 30th of September, 2021. The school’s activities are aimed at improving the literacy rate of the volunteer. Working in the volunteer movement will open up prospects for development in various directions: you will be able to improve your first aid skills, gain communication skills with different age groups of the population, as well as to learn about the life of volunteers from the inside and find a team of like-minded people.

What awaits you:

While studying at the volunteer school, you will be able to:

attend lectures on the most relevant topics;

participate in meetings with University assets and teachers;

attend masterclasses with experienced volunteers;

attend practical classes with the development of the acquired knowledge;

consolidate the theoretical material on interactive and exciting practice.

Terms of participation:

– it is necessary to attend at least 8 meetings;

– if you want to get a certificate at the end of the training, you should pass a test.

The school is mandatory for first-year students and novice volunteers. If you do not attend school, then it may become a reason for refusing to participate in specialized volunteer events of KSMU.

We also invite “experienced” volunteers to participate, who will be able to improve their volunteer and managerial skills.

How will it be:

Taking into account the epidemiological situation, classes will be held in small groups by preliminary online registration (The approximate schedule is posted in the VKontakte group, some adjustments are possible). If the epidemiological situation becomes worse, the format of events may change.

To become a member:

It is necessary to pass the mandatory registration form:

You can find detailed information in the VKontakte group

For all questions, you can contact the social center of KSMU – 512 office, 5th floor of the dental building (phone: 58-89-92).

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