Creating conditions for comfortable physical education and sports and forming healthy lifestyle attitudes is one of the strategic objectives of KSMU. The availability of sports facilities, the implementation of programs for the development of mass student sports are components of important tasks for the development of physical education and the basics of healthy lifestyle.

Promotion of healthy lifestyle among students, their involvement in systematic physical education is one of the important areas of educational work of the university.

Traditionally, April 7 is celebrated in KSMU by holding sports and educational events. This year, the students of our university prepared and conducted a physical fitness exercise. The event was attended by about 50 people. The event showed that the formation of a healthy lifestyle is important in the professional development of future specialists who graduate from our University.

KSMU has created all the conditions that provide an opportunity for students and employees of KSMU to lead a healthy lifestyle, systematically engage in physical culture and sports, and get access to a developed sports infrastructure. We are waiting for everyone to join the sports and fitness sections of KSMU!