On September, 1 more than thousand first-year students who represent 45 Russian regions began their study. Due to the pandemic celebrations were altered in a way. Only group leaders took part in the official event dedicated to Knowledge Day at KSMU.

During celebratory assembly first-year students got acquainted with the University administration. Rector of KSMU introduced vice-rectors, deans of the faculty and addressed students with well-wishing word. The rector also mentioned some moments from the history of KSMU. First graduation ceremony was held in 1940. All the graduates went to the battle front.

Today when the world does its best to prevent the spreading of the new coronavirus infection many of KSMU students voluntarily work in covid-hospitals, risking their lives. This can be considered a true act of bravery.

– Our students are considered to be rightful members of the regional medical community, – said the rector.

Anna Polonnikova who graduated from the Kursk school №33 and received 299 points at Unified State Exam read out the traditional oath on behalf of all first-year students. Now she is a student of General Medicine faculty. Together with the rector she opened a new monument on the University grounds. It was the monument of the highest grade “Five”.

Vice-rector for clinical care and regional healthcare I.G. Khmelevskaya addressed students with important information. She turned students’ attention to the fact that coronavirus had not been defeated. That means all preventive epidemiological restrictions remain to be observed. These are use of sanitizer when entering the university, mandatory protection of respiratory organs and social distance. If students have symptoms of acute respiratory infection they should not attend classes.

Group leaders received electronic passes for first-year students. KSMU anthem was heard.