World Vision Day is an international day celebrated on the second of Thursday in October by the decision of the World Health Organization as part of the implementation of the Global Program on Struggle against  Blindness “Vision 2020: The Right to Vision”.

World Vision Day aims to draw attention to the problems of blindness, vision disorder and rehabilitation of people with vision disorder.

All WHO partners in the field of vision disorder prevention and eyesight recovery participate in the International Vision Day.

Vision is the leading one of the five human senses through which we learn the world. More than 90% of information is transmitted to the brain through the eyes.

The head of the Department of Ophthalmology of KSMU, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Valery Ivanovich BARANOV tells how to preserve vision:

The requirements of visual hygiene have remained the same for many decades: you should not read lying down, observe the distance between the eyes and the book – it should be at least 30 centimeters, use good lighting, correct posture – this is especially important for children. As a practicing specialist, I note an increase in cases of myopia, including among children and adolescents. It develops as an adaptive reaction. But you need to know that myopia is fixed and inherited. This means that the next generations will have significantly more vision problems.

Gymnastics for the eyes is a useful procedure for improving the blood circulation of the visual organs. Use your fingertips to massage your eyes through the eyelids, make circular movements, look away, fix your gaze – it is the simplest exercise. In general, there is a whole complex of such gymnastics – you can find them on the Internet! I advise you to do exercises every 40-45 minutes of computer work, reading or writing. And you also need to regularly look into the distance.

Many vision problems arise, including from uncontrolled wearing of lenses. Contact lenses are now widely available; they can be bought without a prescription at a pharmacy. Many patients in this way only aggravate vision problems. Lenses are different, and they are not suitable for everyone. Not everyone knows how to properly care for them – the cleaning of contact lenses is a rather complicated process. In any case, a specialist’s consultation on the selection of lenses and care about them is necessary.

Another problem is the drying of the eye surface. This leads to long-term work with gadgets, the use of conditioners … the eyes need to be moistened. But the drops should be picked up by an ophthalmologist. Dripping into the eyes everything that is advertised on TV means intentionally doing harm to your eyesight. Valery Ivanovich Baranov is sure in this case.

Friends, take care of your eyesight! We wish you health, bright colors and clear images!