International Nephrologist Day is celebrated annually on March 27. It is held after World Kidney Day, celebrated annually on the 2nd Thursday of March. It is not known who established this holiday, but it is difficult to overestimate the importance of nephrology, because every year the number of renal pathologies increases.

Nephrology is a field of medicine that studies the functions and diseases of the kidneys, the diagnosis of kidney diseases and their treatment.

The first steps in the development of nephrology as a science occurred in the early 19th century and were associated with the name of the English doctor Bright. Nephrology was distinguished in a separate clinical specialty only in the 60s of the twentieth century.

In order to prevent kidney disease, the following preventive measures should be observed:

– Adhere to an adequate drinking regime. Clean water and green tea, dried fruit compotes, cranberry and lingonberry morses are useful for the kidneys. An increased fluid intake does not allow microbes to settle in the kidneys, as they are washed away by a powerful stream of water. Lack of fluid may contribute to stone formation in kidneys.

– Consume products containing methionine (sour cream, cottage cheese, sea fish, vegetables and fruits).

– Lead an active lifestyle. With a sedentary lifestyle, fat is deposited in the area of the lower back, the flexibility of the spine is violated, blood stagnation occurs, all this contributes to stone formation.

At the first signs of trouble, symptoms of renal disease, it is necessary to urgently contact a doctor.

On this holiday, we join numerous congratulations to doctors – nephrologists and wish them good health, success in their medical practice, happiness and long life!