International Day of Surgeons is celebrated annually on the third Saturday in September. This year, surgeons celebrate their professional holiday on September 18.

Surgeons save thousands of lives every day. They work in the most time consuming, complex and demanding field of medicine. Surgical treatments are often the only way to save a patient’s life. Today, surgeons have at their disposal endoscopes, laser, radio wave equipment, operating microscopes and other devices that can reduce the time of surgical intervention or possible risks, but, nevertheless, surgeons take the main responsibility for the operation. They lead a complex process.

Being a surgeon means taking on a colossal responsibility. Pinoint accuracy, efficiency, brilliant knowledge, the ability to get together in difficult situations and make the right decisions – these are the qualities that surgeons have. Surgeons do not stop gaining knowledge throughout their professional career, since mistakes made in their work can cost lives.

We congratulate the doctors of the surgical profile on their professional holiday! What you do is a real calling! We wish you success in your work, well-being, mental and physical strength!