Friendship, which is strong, sincere, real is one of the most extraordinary and kind feelings on the Earth that a person can experience. If you have friends, then you are a happy person. Between people who are connected by friendship, there are invisible threads that cannot be explained in words. “A faithful friend is a strong defense, whoever found him found a treasure.”

Students of the International Medical Institute of KSMU took part in the youth festival-competition of national cultures “Friend Around “, organized under the auspices of the Youth Policy Committee of the Kursk region, held from November 15 to November 30, 2021. Sri Lankan students Valisundara Mudiyanselage Valisundara and Fernando Mandadige Nushadi Devmini became laureates of the 3rd degree in choreography.

We are all different, but we are all together, one big family of the International Medical Institute of KSMU, which tries to live in peace, friendship and harmony.

One of the main directions of educational work with foreign students of Kursk State Medical University is the creation of a tolerant atmosphere in the student environment.