It’s cold and sunny, it’s a wonderful day!

(A.S. Pushkina, “Winter Morning”)

On frosty and sunny days at the Governor’s skating rink on Teatralnaya Square, the Ice Fairy Tale took place – one of the brightest New Year’s events of the university, which has become a good tradition. There were long months of studying days: lectures, final results, tests are practically over. Ahead is a favorite holiday – New Year!

Every year, at the initiative of the rector, professor Viktor Anatolyevich Lazarenko, students of KSMU participate in an entertainment program on ice and spend holidays with friends – their fellow students and groupmates.

“Ice Fairy Tale” is really a student holiday: the guys go ice skating, communicate in an informal setting.

This year “Ice Fairy Tale” lasted for two days – it was on the 22-23 December .

The event was started by the Vice-Rector for Educational Activities and General Issues, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor V.P. Gavrilyuk, who went on the ice together with the students. The Vice-Rector for Research and Innovative Development, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor V.A. Lipatov, Vice-Rector for Educational Work, Social Development and Public Relations, Ph.D. in Psychology, Associate Professor A.A. Kuznetsova.

More than 800 students of KSMU skated.

Together with the Father Frost and the Snow Maiden, the students participated in competitions prepared by the Center for Creative Development and Additional Education of the KSMU.

Members of the creative team “Door to the Summer” created a festive and cheerful atmosphere. Frosty air, enthusiasm, cheerful music accompanied the festive event. Everyone got a charge of positive energy and good mood.