Dear students, residents, postgraduates, teachers, employees of Kursk State Medical University!

I congratulate you on the Day of Knowledge!

September 1 is a kind of a starting point. We have high hopes for the new academic year. May it be full of accomplishments and significant events! I am sure that new frontiers await us, which we will undoubtedly overcome, and new heights that we can conquer together.

Kursk State Medical University today includes experienced teachers, talented students and successful graduates. At our university, all conditions have been created so that students could realize their scientific, creative, social potential. Teachers explain how to gain knowledge and achieve goals, solve complex problems and be responsible for the decisions made. Dear students, be the best in your studies and then you will definitely become the best in the profession.

I heartily congratulate the entire academic teaching staff. Colleagues, your work is a guarantee of a quality education that students receive at our university. I wish that the new academic year will bring you job satisfaction and give you new opportunities for self-realization!

Good health, patience, optimism to everyone! Forward to new knowledge and achievements!

V.A. Lazarenko, Rector of KSMU, Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor,

Member of the Kursk Regional Duma of the VI convocation

Congratulations to students and teachers of Russian universities on the start of the new academic year!

For each of us, September 1 is filled with special meaning, excitement and joy. And no matter how many years have passed since graduation, on Knowledge Day we all return with gratitude to this happy student time – a period of discovery, creativity and romance.

The world has been changing rapidly. New forms of obtaining information are emerging, professions that are in demand by modern society are being formed. Higher education is a reliable intellectual foundation that changes the quality of life and its perception. You will build your future on it.

I would like to wish you healthy optimism. Allow yourself to dream, do not be afraid to set ambitious goals, try to go beyond the familiar and understandable. Don’t stop improving. Appreciate the time spent within the walls of the university. Make every minute of yours not only interesting, but also useful. And then, in a few years, you will be sincerely grateful to yourself.

Valery Falkov,

Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation

Dear schoolchildren, students, teachers and parents!

I congratulate you on the start of the new academic year and the Day of Knowledge!

We all celebrate this holiday with special feelings, because it is this day that opens the way to knowledge, gives a start to new successes and achievements. For 12 thousand Kursk boys and girls, it will be the first day at school and, I am sure, will be remembered for a lifetime.

Knowledge is the key to moving forward. We understand how much depends on this, so we develop all levels of education in the Kursk region: we build kindergartens, modern schools and training centers, create conditions so that every child could reveal their talents and realize their dreams.

Dear friends! A new academic year is ahead. Let it be fun, and your dedication and perseverance will help you to show decent results in your studies. I wish you all good health, self-confidence, happiness and good luck!

Governor of the Kursk Region Roman Starovoit