Today, on June 9, the whole world celebrates the International Day of Friends. And though this holiday is not included in the list of official ones, it did not go unnoticed at the International Medical Institute of KSMU, because friendship is valued all over the world, regardless of the country, part of the world, race, religion and other factors.

IMI students from Malaysia, India, Brazil, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Lebanon, Maldives, Botswana and other countries and continents, who have already become one international family even at a distance, congratulate the administration, university teachers and each other on this wonderful holiday and wish well, peace, smiles, good mood, real and true friends:

Friendship Day! As international it is,

we want to congratulate the whole world with it.
The whole world is beautiful, wise and free,
float through the heavens like a dove of peace.

And we believe that we will still be friends
with everyone who is ready to open their hearts.
And we will never forget this friendship,
It cannot be destroyed or torn apart.

It cannot be betrayed, like mother or the Fatherland,
You cannot wipe it off the face of earth.
And not for the sake of humanism,
but because in friendship there is no sword!