July 6 is the World Cardiologist Day!

A cardiologist is a specialist that sooner or later all people face, because about 90% of diseases in the modern world are associated with the condition and work of heart. He is engaged in the study, diagnosis, research and treatment of diseases associated with the cardiovascular system pathology.

At the turn of the XX-XXI centuries this date was designated by the World Healthcare Association. Thanks to its appearance in the medical calendar, serious educational work began to be carried out in all countries of the world, which made it possible for mankind to learn more about diseases of the cardiovascular system, helped to better understand the danger of heart disease and, possibly, even save someone’s life.

According to the famous cardiologist, doctor of medical sciences, professor, head of the Department of Internal Diseases No. 2 of KSMU Vadim Petrovich Mikhin, cardiology is the leading branch of medicine. It is entrusted with the task of reducing the mortality rate of the population. After all, it is known that cardiovascular diseases are the cause of the vast majority of deaths.

– In the face of the danger of coronavirus, the role of cardiologists is increasing even more. The COVID-19 virus affects the vascular system, while the number of myocarditis, arterial thrombosis, heart attacks and strokes, even in young people, increases significantly, ” says Vadim Petrovich Mikhin. – The task of a competent cardiologist is not only to prescribe adequate treatment, but also to find an approach to the patient, to ensure that the patient develops an independent adherence to treatment. The patient should not become a passive object of treatment, but an active assistant to the doctor.

Moderation in everything, physical activity, optimism and benevolence are the very first advice of professor Mikhin to patients. Take care of your heart and be healthy!