On November 29, 2021, students and teachers of the International Medical Institute became participants of the traditional webinar “Gastronomic Etude“.

Within the framework of this event, students from around the world told about the culinary traditions of their countries, gastronomic habits and preferences, demonstrated dishes of national cuisines of Malaysia, Botswana, Brazil and, of course, Russia. The participants told about the history of the origin of traditional and festive authentic dishes, demonstrated the cooking process step by step, shared detailed recipes.

For several weeks, under the guidance of teachers, students prepared presentations, shot videos, made comments on them, invented quizzes, rehearsed a lot, because the main language of the webinar was Russian. The result of this work was a truly “delicious” holiday, at which everyone present could learn how to cook dishes that, perhaps, they had not even heard of before: laksa johor, nasi lemak, feijoada, brigadeiro and others.