In accordance with the decision of the operational headquarters for the prevention of the spread of coronavirus in the Kursk Region, from February 8, 2021, educational programs for all domestic students of the Kursk State Medical University will be implemented in the traditional format (full-time training). The educational process of students of the international medical Institute of KSMU up to 01.03.2021 will be organized with the use of e-learning technologies. From 01.03.2021 for the students, who are on the territory of the Russian Federation – in the traditional format, for those of them who are outside Russia-with the use of e-learning technologies.

You can find the schedule of classes on the university’s website.

Campuses and academic buildings of Kursk State Medical University are prepared for the reception of students in accordance with the recommendations for the prevention of new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) in educational institutions of higher education, approved by the Chief State Sanitary Doctor of the Russian Federation on July 29, 2020.