On March 10 at 02:00 pm a signal about a fire in one of the educational buildings of KSMU was received by the duty officer of 01 service. That was the situation played in the frames of fire-tactical training, in which 28 staff members and 6 units of military equipment of the Central Administration for the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in Kursk region took part.

The officials responsible for the university safety demonstrated professional and well-coordinated work in the interaction with the employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

– Before the arrival of fire brigades, we promptly brought information about the fire, organized the evacuation of students and staff members. 57 people were evacuated from the building in 3 minutes. Our actions were assessed by the fire fighters as competent and professional – comments N.V. Volokhova, specialist of Civil Defense and Fire Prevention of KSMU. – If the work at the initial stage of the fire is organized correctly, it will be possible to avoid material damage and human losses. We constantly interact with the authorities and personnel of the firefighting service, in particular, the 2nd fire department. Our joint task is to prevent fires and human losses.