In September, the Anatomical Theater was opened on the territory of Kursk State Medical University, in the opening ceremony of which the Deputy Minister of Healthcare of the Russian Federation Tatyana Semenova and the Governor of the Kursk Region Roman Starovoit took part. The building in the antique style was built on the initiative of the rector of KSMU professor Viktor Anatolyevich Lazarenko in just 10 months. The Anatomical Theater includes more than five hundred exhibits made in different years by the staff of departments and students: paintings, lithographs, mummies, skeletons, embryos. The earliest of them date back to 1944. In addition, there is a 150-seat lecture room for practical classes in Anatomy with the use of digital technologies.

Anyone can visit the theater. Students of the International Medical Institute were no exception. The director of IMI M.T. Chahine and teachers organized a virtual excursion for them, in which a large number of future doctors, studying at the university in the remote form, took part. Their reviews of the visit to the Anatomical Theater tell us about the impression of the excursion:

This video made me more interested to attend KSMU more because these are the things we can’t get to see in Malaysia universities. And I will be awaiting the day I get to encounter this anatomical theatre and museum myself!(Edrin Rifaie)

I am very grateful to the enthusiastic teachers for taking the time to organize this visit for us. If I have the opportunity, I would like to go to the museum to see with these eyes and feel the atmosphere there. (Yong Swee Siang)

So basically the extraordinary video showed me that the university that I’m going to graduate to, has created something that can improve the learning system there drastically for time being and future students. When it comes to technology, the university is equipped with the latest and best set of equipment in order to help the students there. (Muhammad Afiq Bin Zamlee)

The Anatomical Theater is very interesting. It contains much information about body parts and organs. It will be easy to study because students will be able to see the real model of a human body instead of the picture in the textbook. If I could visit the Theater I would stay there for a long time. (Hariz Hamizan)

I think it is an awesome museum of Anatomy, each item is vividly presented. It will be very useful for students of KSMU, because we will be able to see things, about which we read in textbooks, with our own eyes apart from using Google or our imagination. (Muhammad Haiqal Bin Raziman)

I was very impressed with the Anatomical Theater as it is very beautiful and I liked the modern infrastructure and technologies used there. I guess that the Anatomical Theater will help students in their practical activity and me, when I enter Kursk State Medical University. (Firdaus Islahuddin Bin Mohd Aderi)