On September 13, 2022, Kursk State Medical University hosted a meeting of the university administration and a representative of the department for drug control of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Kursk region with foreign citizens studying at KSMU.

The purpose of the meeting was to form a persistent rejection of the use and distribution of psychotropic and narcotic substances, as well as to increase the effectiveness of the joint measures taken to spread anti-drug ideology among young people.

The meeting was attended by: Vice-Rector for Educational Work, Social Development and Public Relations Kuznetsova A.A., Senior Major Case Investigator of the Department for Drug Control of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Kursk Region Lobova O.A., Director of the IMI of KSMU Associate Professor M.T. Chahine, Deputy Head of the Department for Life Safety, Civil Defense and Emergency Situations Eremin G.T., Deputy Director of the IMI of KSMU Dremina T.F., educator of the IMI of KSMU Dugina M.V., translator of the IMI of KSMU Zemzyulina A.V., members of the student trade union committee, student councils of the IMI of KSMU and foreign students.

O.A. Lobova revealed the basic concepts, explained the provisions of several articles of the Administrative and Criminal Codes of the Russian Federation on crimes and offenses related to the activities of the distribution of narcotic and psychotropic substances, gave examples of offenses and crimes related to such manifestations identified in Kursk and Kursk region, warned about the need to be careful in social networks, forums on the Internet, called for the inadmissibility of accidental and dangerous earnings. Examples from police practice and real situations have enlivened the discussion in the hall.

In conclusion, students were shown video films about the detention of young people for the distribution of narcotic substances in Kursk, as well as a motivational video about life, the main message of which was that only people themselves may manage their life and make it bright and happy. It’s all in our hands!