Dear colleagues!

I wholeheartedly congratulate you on your professional holiday – Medical Worker’s Day!

The profession of a medical worker is noble, but very difficult. The doctor requires complex skills, knowledge that must be replenished daily, warm-heartedness and generosity.

Modern medicine has truly fantastic capabilities, but it is impossible to achieve significant success in it only with the help of the latest equipment and advanced technologies. Specialists with civic responsibility, high morality, diligence and professionalism will always be needed.

In regional healthcare, the best traditions are sacredly honored and multiplied, hospitals and clinics are modernized, fitted with modern equipment, new medical centers are opened. And most importantly, the skill potential of everyone who yesterday, today and tomorrow is at the operating table, at the bedside of the patient, at the everyday reception, in the ambulance – is not exhausted, there are new achievements ahead.

On this festive day, everyone without whom it is impossible to imagine modern medicine deserves warm words and gratitude: researchers, scientists, chemists, biologists, technologists and engineers. I wish doctors, nurses, nursing staff, veterans of healthcare, you, dear colleagues, your families, your patients good health, unlimited life opportunities, sincere respect of colleagues and society!


Sincerely, Rector of Kursk State Medical University. Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation V.A. Lazarenko