On March 12 Maslenitsa was celebrated on the territory of KSMU. It is one of the holidays most beloved by Russians, during which people say goodbye to the cold and meet spring. This ancient Slavic holiday is celebrated only in Russia, therefore, it is a great opportunity for foreign students, studying at IMI, to get acquainted with Russian culture and join the traditions of our country.

Fun games and competitions were organized for students, with great interest they took part in the theatrical performance: sang and danced in a ring. And then everyone ate delicious pancakes (blini) with hot tea. Despite the cold weather, students showed a sincere interest in the ancient holiday and were completely delighted with folk costumes, musical instruments and treats.

Students of the 3MB group shared their impressions: “We are 1st year students of IMI and today we’ve celebrated Maslenitsa for the first time. During the Russian language lessons, our teachers, of course, told us why this holiday is called Maslenitsa, when it is celebrated, how long Maslenitsa lasts, what dish is traditionally prepared for this holiday, and how the last day of the celebration is called. But, as the Russians say, it is better to see once than hear a hundred times. We were very happy to take part in this fun and unusual celebration. We thank the university for such a great opportunity!”