The online conference for foreign students of the International Medical Institute dedicated to fire safety and civil defence was held at Kursk State Medical University. This meeting was aimed at prevention of water accidents in winter, following the fire safety rules, proper use of electrical appliances at home, following the rules of evacuation from the hostel, use of fire-extinguishing appliances (fire-extinguishers) and self-rescuers in case of emergency, adherence to the internal code of conduct in a student hostel.

The conference was held under the supervision of chief state inspector of the Center for State Inspection of Small Vessels of General Administration of Federal Rescue Service in Kursk region G.A. Alyabyev and fire prevention specialist Volokhova Natalia Victorovna.

As part of the meeting director of the International Medical Institute, associate professor M.T. Chahine and director of the university campus V.A. Shikin requested students to avoid visiting rivers and water basins, scrupulously follow the fire safety rules and internal code of conduct in a student hostel.