On September 16-18, 2021 the Anniversary X Congress of the All-Russian Public Organization “Russian Society for Simulation Education in Medicine” (ROSOMED) and the International Conference “Simulation Education in Medicine: Experience, Development, Innovation. ROSOMED-2021”.

The key topics of the event were the issues of new realities of simulation training, assessment, accreditation and continuing medical education. During the event, 9 master classes were held and more than 70 reports were presented by leading Russian and foreign experts in medical education, in which colleagues shared their best practices in the implementation of virtual technologies in medical education; planning and organizing scientific research using simulation technologies.

The conference also discussed economic issues in the work of the simulation center, professional development and staffing of simulation training.

I.I. Dolgina presented the work experience of the Multidisciplinary Accreditation and Simulation Center of our University in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic in the form of the report “Trainings for Consulting Using Telecommunication Networks” and the publication of materials in the journal “Virtual Technologies in Medicine”.

The online format allowed everyone interested to take part in the event.