Nina Bogomolova , a graduate of the Kursk Medical Institute , was called to the front on August 4 , 1941 . During the Great Patriotic War, she rose to the rank of major of the medical service and was awarded The Order of the Red Star in 1944.
The award list states: “Captain of the medical service Nina Sergeevna Bogomolova – head of the third surgical department of the army hospital for the Lightly Wounded since February 1943. An energetic and skillful organizer of the work of his department, quickly and accurately deploys departments providing the necessary conditions for the accommodation and treatment of the wounded. In the last two deployments alone, she treated 1,113 wounded, returning 1,038 of them to service. Besides the work in the department, Nina Bogomolova, regardless of time and health, works in the main dressing ward of the hospital for surgical treatment of newly arriving wounded. She performed a number of general surgical operations, applied about 300 stitches to gunshot wounds, which significantly shortened the treatment time and accelerated the return to service of wounded soldiers and officers.”
Also, in 1945, the veteran wasawarded the Order of the Patriotic War II degree. The command noted at the same time: “Comrade Bogomolova has been in the Red Army since August 4, 1941. In the active Red Army since December 15, 1941. In the position of the III surgical department of the lightly wounded hospital since February 1943. During her work in the hospital, as the head of the surgical department, about 8000 wounded were missed, up to 5,000 of them were returned to service. Only in 1945 , the department trained combat-related specialists: 325 machine gunners, 140 manual machine gunners, 162 submachine gunners. In addition, 45 sanitary instructors were trained by her department. Comrade Bogomolova is an energetic doctor, a skillful and proactive organizer who loves his job. Performing the work of the head of the department, Comrade Bogomolova treats her duties conscientiously, serves as an example for other employees. The wounded of its department receive good care and highly qualified surgical aid. Nina Bogomolova herself performed a number of general surgical operations, which significantly reduced the duration of treatment, and the return to service of recovering soldiers and officers.”